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GG Logo 1Going Global Country Career Guides are the ultimate jobseeker’s tool for finding employment at home and abroad!

Packed with country-specific career information, each guide has been developed by a local career specialist, updated annually, and features recommended websites and detailed resource descriptions for vital employment topics including:

•- Job search resources: general and specialized job sites, job fairs, newspapers that publish job ads, government employment offices, executive search firms, and temporary staffing agencies

Country employment outlook and key industry trends

• – Top company listings: corporate profiles of the largest employers including NAICS descriptions, revenue and full contact information

Industry-specific trade and professional organization information: issues of special concern for foreign professionals, education requirements, trade associations and industry web sites

Business resources: trade councils, chambers of commerce, and other professional and social networking groups

Work permit and visa regulations

• – Finance and compensation information: taxes, housing, transportation, cost of living, medical insurance, vacation/leave, pensions, social security, and more.

Resume/CV writing guidelines and examples

• – Interview and Cultural advice


Please use the following link to access GoinGlobal from any computer on campus:
Country Career Guide URL: https://online.goinglobal.com/

USA/Canada Cities Guide URL: http://online.usacareerguides.com/

Students may create a personal account from a computer on campus and afterward use that account to log in to GoinGlobal from any computer off campus through the same links listed above.


For more info about the DataBase and how to use it, please check the  User Guide.

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